We Provide - Pharmaceutical Products

Our services in the following growing healthcare sectors; 

: Pharmaceutical Products :

With pharmaceutical formulations as one of our core sectors, we have very straight forward approach in this segment. We believe that access to quality healthcare is a right & not a privilege for the ailing humanity through out the world. Our endeavor is to ensure the availability of world class, quality medicines at affordable prices across the world. We are committed to work towards a healthier & happier world.

TICOS is moving towards a well balanced mix of product portfolio for the under developed & developing markets & is currently employing its best possible resources to leverage the varied growth potential offered by this markets.

Product Segments: Tablets, Injections, Capsules, Ointment/Cream, Syrups

You name the products & we manufacture for you.


We Provide - Surgical Products

Our services in the following growing healthcare sectors; 

 : Surgical Products :

The objective of providing affordable high quality healthcare surgical products led to our interests in surgical segment. Our aim to provide quality products had made us the preferred partner for the surgical requirements in various parts.

The journey of illness to be healthy can at times be long and arduous. We aim to provide quality surgical products for healthcare.

TICOS thought process in not with medical companies in mind but is with each & every patient in view to whom we can help with in healing through a less painful journey through a more comforting process.

Product Segments: Surgical Disposables, Surgical Instruments, Surgical Implants, Hospital Furniture

You name the products & we get it manufactured for you.